Thursday, 12 July 2012


It started with a dream. 

I have no recollection of this dreams beginning or ending, only the feeling it left me with: an irrefutable need to start a blog.

I had it designed. The creativity that would be unleashed, the ideas that would flourish and the magic I would create. I was convinced that this was my calling – so much so I had an argument with myself to wake up and ink all this inspiration down. Regrettably, this did not eventuate. I managed to convince myself that I had in fact woken up and put all these thoughts to paper - in reality my indulgent side won and I continued my sleep non-the wiser. 

A month ago I had a physic reading. It was the second in my lifetime and reaffirmed an unsettling feeling I’ve had for almost a year now - I have lost myself. I used to live to create. Lately, I’ve lived to exist. Distracted by three jobs, study and relationships I lost my drive and passion, and with it, myself.

So, here is to turning over a new leaf, reconnecting and unleashing my creativity. 

Hold on tight! 

Love Leelu 


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